Do you often struggle with being still, sitting idle and/or staring off into space?

Doesn’t it feel good when you allow your body to do it?  Even though your mind is screaming at you to move out of this blank awareness and get back to work it’s so important to allow your physical body time to do “nothing”.

The question in life that may come up often in your relationship with yourself and others is do you want to continue with status quo or are you ready to jump into the flow of life and accept change.  I often observe my conscious thoughts as they move through my awareness hinting to me that I might want to begin moving my physical body, as it would be beneficial for my health.  I also hear this voice ask me if I am going to keep choosing to practice unhealthy boundaries?  This voice also keeps reassuring me that change is constant and it is what keeps us growing.

shutterstock_204297571_600pxSo why do we fight it so much, the change? You would think after 45 years of seeing this repetitive cycle that I would accept it as a normal routine, like brushing my teeth or not?  It’s natural to feel the fear rise up deep within your belly, inviting you to notice that this is the energy of your power center and that this experience is inviting you to expand!  Do you take the invitation with the first offer, or do you suppress it?  From my experience the invitations to step into an expanded self of empowerment comes in cycles throughout your human life.  No judgment should be felt when you turn down the first invitation as there will be a multitude of future offers from the universe to accept this internal blessing.  You are the only one who truly knows when the timing is right for you to begin the process.  As Oprah always says, “ Until the answers is a clear YES, it’s a NO.”

Our minds try to tell us that we need to make a decision when the opportunity presents itself immediately in good faith.  The truth is, that there are no time constraints on making the right decision for you until YOU have complete clarity.  We truly need to destroy those childhood patterns of looking externally for clarity and making a decision in a timely matter because it’s polite.  Sometimes we need to live in the fog and gray areas of our lives so that we can flounder around in the confusion and unknown to expand our own trust.  This is an internal process unique to each of us.

Do you trust in those universal times of just being or do you push through and engage in the mental game of doing the right thing?

I feel like the woman at the carnival who is in the house of mirrors and can’t find my way to the exit door or see myself clearly.  The feelings of fear, judging myself, doing the right thing, even though it feels uncomfortable just isn’t working for me anymore.  I can no longer push through the suppressed feelings of doing what everyone thinks I should do.  I have come to know that I truly don’t care what other’s think of how I live my life (one of the blessings of being 45). The only thing that feels deeply important to me is that I AM HAPPY!  So on the days when I feel like staring off into space and disconnecting I now embrace it.  Hallelujah!

I invite you to expand your inner trust by just BEING & beginning to release those old paradigms of SHOULD!

Blessings of Being,
Velva Dawn