Do you need approval from another before you follow your heart? Have you become codependent? Do you sometimes feel powerless? Have you given your power to someone else?

shutterstock_351381194I have found in my life, even as an adult that there have been many occasions that I have been waiting for approval from the masculine in life; my husband, my father and other male relationships in my life. The wounded part of myself needed that masculine approval to make up for the lack of strength and trust that I thought that I was missing. Can you in fact not be whole?

Connecting to this awareness last week has opened up an opportunity of internal empowerment for myself. I have lived my life for 44 years unconscious to the fact that I have needed this approval externally. What a gift to receive this ah-ha moment and to recognize that I have everything that I need within myself that I no longer need to have that external recognition from anyone in my life about anything that I chose to do.

Now this in no way implies that I don’t care about others around me, but the truth is that the decisions that I make for my highest good are the right choices for ME. I have been stuffing down what is right for ME for many years and now that little voice is speaking louder and louder inviting me to listen. Can you relate to that little voice of your deepest truth talking to you?

I believe that all of the shadows within each of us are entering our conscious awareness inviting us to step into releasing that internal duality, to focus on the truth within. Connecting to that source of love and releasing those old paradigms of looking externally for truth and giving your power away.

A few questions to help you discern internal empowerment versus external recognition might be, “Is this my truth? Does this serve my highest good? Does my body feel at peace with my decision? Does this make me happy?”

Imagine what it would feel like to make a decision because YOU wanted to make that choice! I have felt such freedom and expansion in choosing from this internal source and it has been such a gift to my soul. Change can be uncomfortable but the outcome can be beautiful and gracious.

Adopting this new way of connecting to your internal power can feel different at first, but the more you harness this energy, the more confident you will feel and this light will begin to shine from the inside out!

Yours with trust,
Velva Dawn