You were born a perfect soul created from the love of the divine universe.

Your childhood patterns begin to become engrained deep within you from the moment you are birthed onto this planet Earth. Through each experience in life, your soul begins to ignite the pendulum of duality; swinging back and forth trying to achieve inner peace and love. You begin connecting with your soul family healing the karmic wounds from previous lifetimes, wading through the astral confusion of what is truth? Who am I? What am I hear to do? Do I deserve to be loved? Where do I fit in?

Embracing Self-LoveThe truth is that you are loved infinitely. As you experience childhood, teenage, and adult years you may find that you are searching for something deeper in life. You may find that you feel that you are in fact not experiencing the life that you feel you deserve or desire? You may in fact be searching externally for validity to affirm those inner questions.

Over the years of growing up you may experience parent’s, teachers, coaches, peers, siblings, family members, etc. that act as role models to allow you to experience these lower energies to heal the karma between yourself and those soul family members.

Many times you may build up an energetic calcification (a shield) to protect your heart chakra from these lower energies that you have experienced in the past. The heart chakra will begin to shut down due to the energetic debris that you have accumulated. Eventually, this can lead to symptoms in the chest area and the heart function. You may feel a sense of heart ache deep within your chest.

I have experienced this pain in my heart. I was adopted. Every year on my birthday I would cry thinking that my birth mother and father didn’t want me. I physically didn’t look like my adoptive parent’s and always felt like I didn’t quite fit in anywhere in society. I felt as though I had an energetic hole in my heart. I would make up stories in my mind about who my birth parents were and why they gave me up for adoption. I would walk down the street and my eyes would constantly be looking for someone who looked like me and might be related to me.

I began working with the energy of the goddess Mother Mary and using a heart shaped rose quartz crystal upon my heart chakra over ten years ago. She gently guided me to spend a lot of time around the ocean to support my emotions of abandonment. I found that I shed many tears over these feelings that I had of being abandoned. Tears that I thought that I had already cried.

Through months of working with the energy of Mother Mary and healing the lower energies that I had connected to matriarchal love, self worth, and trust I began to open my heart chakra again to begin the process of true self-love. I began to connect with the newborn energy within my soul letting go of all of the pain that my mind had attached to my life experiences.

I am grateful for all of the experiences that I have accumulated in this lifetime, the painful times and yes the good times. Extracting the wisdom from these experiences helps to create the expansion of your soul. What I know to be true is that when you are ready to release the painful experiences and view the wisdom that you gained it will change your life forever.

Join me as I share my experiences of life through the lens of the divine feminine in my blogs.

“May my cup runneth over with self-love. I am beautiful inside and out. I am very deserving of a healthy balanced relationship with myself and all others around me. My heart is like a rose, open and ready to receive. I nurture myself with healthy food, relationships, and love.”