Have you been feeling the need to bring more balance into your life lately? Have those divine messages been getting louder for you to look at your personal relationships, the time you spend working (more or less), your spiritual connection and time shutting it all down?

shutterstock_200178917_600pxI have been hearing this message loud and clear after spending five days in the Coronary Care Unit with a query heart attack. Good news by the way, all tests show no results of a prior heart attack! But, a huge wake up call for me to get my life in order and to prioritize bringing balance to all areas that have been previously out of order!

My marriage is still under construction! I am waiting for clarity on taking the next step in this union.  I am very mindful of my stress levels now and can easily walk away from drama and turmoil.  My oldest daughter, Kayla, is taking Psychology at university and she brought home her textbook for me to read the chapter on stress and how it affects your physical body (a big hint yes).  My stress score was quite high due to the circumstances that I have experienced in the last few years according to one of the assignments in the textbook.  Exercise was listed as one of the treatments for stress which my body had been needing for sometime.

Needless to say I have begun a 12-week transformational exercise regime with a powerful group of women led by Vicki Stride.  We connect on Sunday mornings from 8:00 – 9:00 am and do an hour of leg exercises and cardio.  I dreaded getting up at 5:45 am on Sunday mornings, but now after two weeks into it I am excited, as I have already noticed the increase in my strength.

I love what I do for a career and I have realized that I was focusing all of my energy on my career to avoid my unhappy personal life.  The divine will send you those little gentle whispers to balance your life in all areas and if you don’t listen then you may receive some long downtime to hear the message more clearly (lesson learned)!

I am really focusing on my physical body by exercising, walking up the huge hills behind my house grounding and connecting with nature, and feeding my body with good nutrition and lots of water. It has only been a couple of weeks and I have already noticed how strong and clear I feel about life! I continue to feed my passion by working on another set of oracle cards, writing another book and birthing new courses!

Balance truly is the key to living an expanded, healthy, fulfilling life.  I invite you to review your life to see if you can add the gift of balance to any areas!

Velva Dawn