Have you ever sat and wondered who I am? What do I love to do? What things do I like and what things do I dislike? Do you feel empty and disconnected from your own truth? Do you feel like you are moving through life in a mechanical robotic way?

If you have been in a long-term relationship or marriage for many years you may have found your own interests have been put on the back burner. You may even have disconnected from your body, spirit and emotions, sifting through life in a daily unconsciousness routine of obligation. You may find yourself looking out the window daydreaming of a life that you love.

I understand all of these things being in a relationship for over 20 years and having three daughters. I too, at one time set myself aside and put everyone else ahead of my own needs, desires and dreams.

What will it take for you to reconnect to the self-nurturing relationship with your core self? A diagnosis of a disease perhaps? Termination of a long-term relationship or self-consuming career? Life will throw you a curve ball when you least expect it to give you the wake up call to a conscious connected life!

shutterstock_343320254-2_600pxTake a moment and ponder this…do you need a big wake up call to begin loving yourself again or for the first time? Maybe you have never connected to the truth of what you like and dislike! No judgment, just an invitation to begin observing your life in a conscious pattern. Are you a pleaser? Does it make you feel good to please others but not yourself?

Recently, I have discovered through a couple of huge life changes what it takes to nurture my soul. These are simple things for me like; lighting candles each morning connecting with spirit, waking up 30 minutes earlier than my girls to have a hot cup of coffee in silence, download some new 80’s tunes to create a new playlist for my cardio workout, snuggling with my dog Laila, connecting with my daughters on Sundays for a family brunch, long swims in the ocean and going to bed when I am tired no matter what time it is. These are the portals to self-nurturing my soul.

As you take time to nurture your soul, you will begin to reflect this love to everyone around you. You are a role model for self-love, nurturing the body and soul. As you create healthy boundaries to make space for YOU inner changes will begin to support your health for YOU.

You may notice some feelings surface as you begin this new routine of self-love; caution you may experience feelings of guilt, bitterness, old self-sabotaging talk replaying, and opportunities for you to enforce your new patterns of nurturing. It helps to not suppress those feelings but to observe them and to offer an energy of gratitude for the lessons that they served in creating the old patterns within you.

Starting a new cycle begins with clear intention. Your intention may be that you are going to put yourself first by doing one thing that you love to do each day, instilling healthy boundaries to create this new pattern. After 21 days you will find that you have created a new cycle in your life and you will begin to notice the self-love shining from the depths of your soul and you will begin to attract new loving patterns in all of your relationships.

Yours with self-love,
Velva Dawn