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Winter Solstice

Are you ready for 2016 to be over?  Are you with me on letting go of this past year and moving into a new calendar year? I know that 2016 has brought many of us to our knees, breaking down those old patterns and choosing a different way to live [...]

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Choosing Sides

As I lay awake with jet lag and a chest cold from my recent amazing trip to Italy I ponder the changes in my life, and begin to awaken to a realization that maybe I live in a false reality of belief in humanity and unconditional love. This year, 2016, [...]

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To Be or Not To Be

Do you often struggle with being still, sitting idle and/or staring off into space? Doesn’t it feel good when you allow your body to do it?  Even though your mind is screaming at you to move out of this blank awareness and get back to work it’s so important to [...]

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Have you been feeling the need to bring more balance into your life lately? Have those divine messages been getting louder for you to look at your personal relationships, the time you spend working (more or less), your spiritual connection and time shutting it all down? I have been hearing [...]

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Embracing Self-Love

You were born a perfect soul created from the love of the divine universe. Your childhood patterns begin to become engrained deep within you from the moment you are birthed onto this planet Earth. Through each experience in life, your soul begins to ignite the pendulum of duality; swinging back [...]

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