The time has come for us to truly connect to our authentic loving selves.

If your life feels like it is out of balance, now is the time to connect to your internal compass seeking clarity in all areas of your life. It all starts with being real with what is working and what is not working for YOU. Choosing courage over comfort isn’t easy but it is a vital step to expanding your conscious life and opening the doors to new opportunities. Bringing balance into your life is key to finding that inner peace. Abundance will come when you anchor into trusting yourself and your spiritual team. The energy of the goddess will support you through these times with ease and grace.


Join us for the day to ignite that spark of creativity, to begin to embrace self-love, awaken & heighten your intuitive power.

Connect to the feminine flame of divinity within. Feel the community support of like minded women. Stand in the sisterhood of loving power. Gather together to SHINE your light, embrace your brilliance, and feel your spirit awakening. We invite you to expand your horizons and release any limitations letting this day be part your destiny!

Author of Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses

Healing to the feminine and masculine energies of the world.

The wisdom of thirty-three powerful goddesses appears alongside Velva Dawn’s own story of how she used the energy from each goddess to heal her emotional wounds. Each goddess carries a powerful energy that can be used to heal one’s soul, and this book weaves multidimensional energy with the energies of all of the goddesses. Both a spiritual adventure and guide, this book links crystals and affirmations with each goddess, listing the aura colors of the goddesses to help you identify which goddess may be around you.

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