The Goddess Healing Matrix System™

How would you like to connect with the healing energy of the Divine Feminine?

Introducing . . .
A multi-level training experience that will unlock the ancient secrets of the goddesses—from Mother Mary to Aphrodite. 

Heighten your intuition. Unleash your inner goddess.
And walk away feeling profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy.

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Author of Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses

Healing to the feminine and masculine energies of the world.

The wisdom of thirty-three powerful goddesses appears alongside Velva Dawn’s own story of how she used the energy from each goddess to heal her emotional wounds. Each goddess carries a powerful energy that can be used to heal one’s soul, and this book weaves multidimensional energy with the energies of all of the goddesses. Both a spiritual adventure and guide, this book links crystals and affirmations with each goddess, listing the aura colors of the goddesses to help you identify which goddess may be around you.

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